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OT Sacrifices

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    I’m writing a book titled “The Body” for unless you know and understand the body, then you do not know “Jesus Christ and Him Crucified”.

    So what I have learned in/with my research is:

    1. There are 12 OT sacrifices,
    2. They are divided into 2 groups,
    3. The first group is 7 mandatory sacrifices,
    4. The second group is 5 optional sacrifices,
    5. The are 12 for 12 is perfection with authority,
    6. The 7 mandatory sacrifices correspond directly to the 7 wound groups in Christ’s body,
    7. For Christ to say “It is finished”, He being “The Truth”; He had to become all 12 of these sacrifices and complete all the priestly procedures for them and also fulfill all prophecies of Him,
    8. By the Holy Spirit, I know the 5 optional ones were completed in the garden with the “blood He sweat” for He took the cup from the Last Supper, collected His blood there and completed these sacrifices, but it is not recorded for the disciples constantly fell asleep.

    Now what is not recorded, and therefore missing, in all English scriptures are the:

    1. Names: The exact name of the sacrifice is needed,
    2. Purpose: What the sacrifice actually purchased or fulfilled for the offerer
    3. Transfer: Laying on of hands, by the priest to transfer the blessing of the sacrifice not well documented.

    So my research has me even emailing the Israeli government to find the leading Rabbi’s that are preparing for the restart of the sacrifices in Jerusalem, to find this, but so far all my inquiries are producing nothing, so if you know any resources at all, I want to know about it, to add these missing items to my research.

    Where my research has taken me, I know the following, from the 3 major woulds of Christ:

    1. Crown of Thorns: Was for your kingdom, declare in Luke 22:29, but do not know the corresponding OT sacrfice,
    2. Shredded Back: For your healing, and declaring God’s will of “Healing for All”. The OT scrifice is found in Lev 1:3-6
    3. Wounded Side: For your cleansing, showing how God cleanses you “From All Sin”. The OT scrifice is found in Lev where the body must be layed open and wash both with water and blood as it flowed from His pierced side.

    What I am researching now is “The Right Hand” which holds the scepture, is the “Right Hand of Fellowship” and our adoption into the Family of God as His adopted children, amoung other things, but understanding little of this yet and totally lacking the backing scriotures.

    So if you know a resource for this please share!



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