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How do I register for a program?

You may have been introduced to a particular program by a friend, your pastor or the group leader. After you have become familiar with the program syllabus, which includes dates, objectives, the daily itinerary and suggested reading, you[VS1] can fill out the registration form, available from your group leader, our web site or from our office and mail it to our office. Some group leaders prefer to collect all the registrations for their group and mail them to us at one time. When we receive your registration along with your $300 deposit, you are enrolled in the program. Deposits and registration can be made at any time. Sooner is better. The deadline for full payment is usually 90 days prior to departure. A late fee of $150 will apply thereafter. After the full payment deadline, enrollment is still possible but subject to airline and hotel space availability. Late enrollment might require the payment of an airfare differential and/or administrative charges. Some programs require a deposit and registration 120 or more days prior to departure, so please read your program conditions carefully, call us or check with your group leader. Please make sure your registration form is filled out completely. Check with your group leader or call us for details such as the group name and departure dates. Incomplete or incorrectly filled in registration forms might require an additional administrative charge. When we receive your registration form along with your deposit, you will receive an acknowledgement from our administration team. Once your invoice is complete you will receive another email from our bookkeeping team that will include a copy of your invoice and statement. If you would like individual receipts and periodic statements of your account, you will be charged an additional $100 administrative fee.

By the time you have enrolled, we already will have been working on logistical details for your program like air and ground travel arrangements. You will receive flight and travel information from our office between 50 and 75[VS2] days prior to your departure. This will include information on what to pack and what kind of weather to expect. You might receive a mailing even earlier. Please pay careful attention to any communications from our office.