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Anyone can join a Gold Standard Holy Land journey. It is a great option for those who are traveling alone and want to be with others, or for those traveling with a few others. You will join a group of others with similar interests in biblical learning and contemporary relevance.

The Gold Standard Holy Land Tour is a 10 day journey  with an option for a 4 day post tour elective to Jordan, including Wadi Rum and Petra. We include the most important and distinctive sites that no Holy Land tour should do without. Then, we add other distinctive sites that are typically off the beaten track. We season the journey with visits to and conversations with representatives of local people and culture groups. The result is a distinctive journey into which you can enroll as many or as few people as you want.

Even though we base the price of the Gold Standard Holy Land Tour on 35 people in the group, it may be as few as 15 travelers. This gives you and your travelers the most affordable pricing. SBS sets the departure dates and itinerary. You choose which departure date best meets your needs.