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What is The Society for Biblical Studies (SBS)?

SBS is a non-profit, tax exempt (IRC 501c3) organization and a publicly supported foundation (IRC 170 b 1 A vi). It is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

SBS is an educational organization. It is ecumenical, interfaith, and dedicated to contextual, experiential study of the Bible and the mission of the Church. Our classrooms are the lands of the Bible, including all of the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, North Africa, Southern Europe, England and Scotland, Morocco and Brazil.

SBS’s mission is seeks to reform biblical studies by making it accessible, relevant and useful at the grass roots level of the Church. It seeks to redeem pilgrimage from commercial sightseeing. It seeks to activate participants in vital mission. It designs and delivers pilgrimages, programs of study and mission experiences for clergy and laity.