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What will the weather be like?

It depends on the season and the region you will be visiting. For average temperatures and weather conditions where and when you will be traveling, you can consult any weather web site. Winter weather in the Mediterranean region can be unpredictable. Our advice is: Be prepared! During the course of your journey, conditions will change frequently. Wind can make moderate temperatures feel much colder. Rain is likely. You will probably be changing elevations. Even snow is possible, sometimes in large amounts. The weather rarely keeps us from our daily itinerary, but if you are not prepared you might experience some discomfort. Prepare for temperatures suitable for swimming at places such as the Dead Sea or Red Sea coast, but also for chilly days and cold nights in places such as Istanbul, Jerusalem and Amman. Winter temperatures around the Mediterranean may range from freezing to 80 degrees. This is why layering is so important. For winter travel, hats, gloves, windbreakers, scarves and raingear are essential.

In the summer, you will probably be surprised to find the climate more pleasant than many places in the US, because of the lower humidity. However, certain locations will require special attention to the effects of the sun and dryness. Lower elevations, such as Jericho, experience temperatures as high as 115 degrees, while higher elevations, such as Jerusalem, remain very pleasant with daytime temperatures usually in the 80’s and nighttime temperatures in the 60’s. The sun is strong and so we recommend long pants and long sleeved shirts. Sunscreen and hats are also essential. Raingear is not.