The Meaning of Mission

Mission is the application of the biblical faith in and for the world. We believe that all Bible study should lead to mission, i.e., our individual and group activity on behalf of the world. Without Bible study, Christian mission is misguided. Without mission, Bible study is incomplete. The purpose of Bible study is to put the biblical faith to work in and for the world. Until we have begun studying the application of the Bible in today’s world, we have not really begun to study the Bible at all. Mission comes in a variety of forms. We can help you find what kind of mission is right for you.

All our study travel programs offer opportunities to examine the contemporary application of the biblical faith, mission theory and mission effectiveness. The Society for Biblical Studies is on the leading edge of mission, developing new and unique missions to match individual and group skills with local needs. SBS has developed a broad and deep network of relationships in all the areas we travel. With these partners and resources we can explore contemporary dynamics, devise effective strategies for mission to suit the specific demands of our mission fields and demonstrate the moral imperatives of the biblical faith.

Opportunities exist all around us to make a difference in the world. In the conflict-bound environment of modern Israel and Palestine, we study the ingredients of peacemaking and undertake fact finding, solidarity, and advocacy missions. In Jerusalem, Amman, Istanbul, Marrakech, Casablanca and Cairo, we study points of contact between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. We learn the meaning of engaging in Christian mission in a pluralistic world. In Greece, we learn the rudiments of effective mission practice by studying the missionary strategies of Paul. Then, we learn to apply them in our own churches. In Athens, we meet and work with people from the Balkans and the Middle East who have been displaced from their homes due to unresolved conflicts or in search of better economic circumstances.

The Society for Biblical Studies is leading the way in contextual mission study and is continually opening up new arenas for service. We have placed more volunteers in service than any other travel study organization. For example, in Jerusalem, we facilitate immersion and work experiences with the Jahalin Bedouin and Palestinian refugees. In Bethlehem and Jericho our volunteers have worked in hospitals, schools, day care centers and nursing homes. In Athens, we pioneered study/service programs and our volunteers have provided assistance to Kurdish refugees from Iraq, Turkey and Iran.

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