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England & Scotland

One of our unique journeys to England and Scotland is the perfect way to explore your religious heritage in context. Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Congregationalists and others trace their church history to roots in England. The English Reformation gave birth to many distinct and influential reform movements. John Wesley was an Anglican priest who never imagined that a new denomination called Methodism would emerge from his reform movement in England. Presbyterians trace their heritage and roots to Scotland and John Knox, who was also an Anglican. Calvinist Puritans left a distinct legacy in the history of the American colonies.

In addition to its locus as a cradle for reform movements, England provides an extraordinary context to study points of contact among various faith traditions, especially Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Consider, for example, that the most popular name for a male baby in England over the past 15 years is Mohammad. Our journeys are distinctive in that we always relate the study of the past to the present moment.

While on your pilgrimage to explore your faith tradition’s roots, enjoy Great Britain’s deep history, charming beauty and rich cultural offerings. We always factor in time for self-directed touring in London and Edinburgh. You will have plenty of time to sample local brews and cuisine. Or, if you would prefer, you can use your discretionary time to explore London’s amazing museums, take in a play in the West End or shop on Oxford or Regent Streets.

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