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Morocco is an extraordinary country of diverse landscapes. It is a cultural melting pot. It is African. It is French. It is Arab. It is Berber. It is Muslim. It is Christian. Its Jewish population flourished there for millennia. It is a crossroad and a refuge for populations migrating from sub-Saharan Africa to Europe. It was the first country to formally recognize and establish diplomatic relations with the United States in 1787. It is an Islamic monarchy with a vigorous parliament. Together, these governmental institutions promote a distinct form of Islam that encourages discourse with all traditions. It is a wonderful place to experience interreligious dialogue and to replace stereotypes about other faith traditions with understanding and relationship. Our journeys explore points of contact between the three Abrahamic faiths: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Moroccans are eager to engage in conversation with visitors.

At the same time, we also explore Morocco’s impressive natural wonders from the High Atlas mountains to the stunning, expansive dunes of the southeastern desert. From Casablanca to the capital city of Rabat, from Fez to Marrakech and Tangier, Morocco’s long and rich history of cultural blending is displayed in its cities. Authentic Moroccan culture is blended with French culture, and is especially evident in its urban architecture and cuisine.

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