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Gold Select Journeys to the Holy Land and Beyond

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Select tours are customized tours aimed at the interests of a particular group. The Society for Biblical Studies specializes in designing and delivering unique, custom designed and distinctive journeys of pilgrimage, learning and spiritual renewal. To design your own journey, you should have a reasonable expectation of being able to enroll 15 or more people into the group. We can help you determine what size group is realistic for your and your group. Although we typically craft customized tours for groups of 15 and larger, smaller sized groups can also be accommodated.

If you would like to lead a pilgrimage to the Holy Land or any of our other destinations, our primary role is to listen to your interests and aspirations. Once we discern your hopes and interests, we will be able to offer suggestions and advice on a range of issues from the optimum size for your group to the best time of year for travel to the best ways to build your interests into the daily itinerary. Practicalities such as what time of the year to travel and how long your tour should be impact the price of the journey. Most of all, you know your constituency better than we do and we will rely on your input to best meet your needs and interests. The collective experience and expertise of our faculty is a valuable advantage as you seek an alternative to cookie cutter commercial tours, because it is broad and deep and gives us the unmatched capability to design a unique journey for you. The vast majority of Holy Land tour operators are high volume, commercial agents. Their goal is profit. The way to maximize profit is to minimize options. Our goal is to maximize quality and novelty. Our goal is to pursue the most satisfying experience for you and your travelers. That means we will put your objectives above any others.

We at The Society for Biblical Studies know that you and your church, college or organization is unique. When it comes to tours to the Holy Land, one size does not fit all. Our journeys are as varied and unique as the groups we work with and the people who enroll into them.

Are you ready to create your group’s customized journey?

Select Journeys are highly customized by and for a specific group. Usually, they are open enrollment and others can join. You can join any of the journeys listed here.

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