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What about SBS’ responsibility for unpredictable changes and refunds?

SBS is committed to the highest standards of care for each of its participants. If we are responsible by our error for any changes in the program, we will assume the costs such changes incur. When unforeseeable events force schedule changes before or during our programs, we will do whatever we can to make suitable new arrangements and minimize inconveniences to travelers, even when the change is outside our control. However, SBS can neither assume costs, accept responsibility nor assume liability for performance and/or delivery of services, transportation or accommodation by purveyors of any components of tours and/or programs. Responsibility will be strictly limited to activities over which SBS has sole, exclusive and absolute control. SBS does not issue refunds for any unused portions of your program payment. Nor does SBS take any responsibility for any changes to any travel arrangements that were initiated by the individual traveler. If you initiate any changes that result in a refund due or cancel your enrollment and these changes are within 50 days of departure, any refund will be made after the day of departure.