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Is Israel Engaged in Genocide in Palestine?

An essay by Rabea Eghbariah for the Harvard Law Review, first published in The Nation (18 November 2023) Genocide is a crime. It is a legal framework. It is unfolding in Gaza. And yet, the inertia of legal academia, especially in the United States, has been chilling. Clearly, it is much easier to dissect the… Continue Reading →

The Most Relevant Book of the Bible

By Rev. Peter J. Miano Some call it inscrutable. Some consider it scary. Others sincerely want to revere it, but give up in frustration trying to decode its symbolism. Today, it is widely used in so-called evangelical circles and for some mainstream readers, that is all it takes to view it with suspicion. Still others… Continue Reading →

Love One Another

Peter J. Miano You know, lately I’ve been doing some thinking. It seems that in my lifetime, I don’t remember a time when the moral imperatives that Jesus announced demanded more of our attention and action. Consider this one… Jesus said, “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you love one another. By… Continue Reading →

Cycle of Violence in Israel/Palestine

Peter J. Miano Like so many others, I am carefully watching the escalating violence in Israel and Palestine, with a combination of disgust and horror. Quite a few of our travelers have made inquiries. These include expressions of care for the people of Israel-Palestine, requests for insight into the recent escalation of violence in Israel-Palestine,… Continue Reading →

Paul and Empire

By Dr. Stephen Pattee Every morning I work on Wordle, read my email, make coffee, and catch up on the news. And just about every morning, I wish I had skipped the news. All too often, the news leaves me with feelings of despair and hopelessness. Ukraine. Skyrocketing inflation. Economic meltdown. Dysfunctional government. Immigration. Climate… Continue Reading →

Loving One Another

How do we love one another, as Jesus commanded, and still engage social activism? My 31 July post in this group, on Jesus’ commandment “love one another,” generated a lot of feedback. There were also a lot of questions. How do we love one another when we come face to face with individuals or systems… Continue Reading →