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How are SBS programs different?

SBS is not a travel agency. It is an educational institution. We aim to insulate our travelers from the corrosive effects of commercial sightseeing. All travel arrangements we make serve our mission objectives. All SBS programs are custom designed in consultation with an SBS faculty member to meet a group leader’s specifications. Programs vary in duration, time of the year, and educational and missional emphasis, as well as logistical details such as hotel standards, whether lunches are included or not, and the overall price. No two programs are alike. This means that you may have some specific questions that can only be answered by your group leader or by calling our office.

We are here to help you. We bring the best of current biblical scholarship, mission theory and mission practice to all of our programs in ways that are accessible to all participants. No one is left behind or left out. Our programs are led by professionals educated in the Bible and mission theory. All of our faculty members are experienced in mission in one of several contexts. The collective experience and education of our faculty is second to no Bible study travel organization.

Our programs are designed to acquaint participants not only with the heritage of the Bible, but also its application in today’s world. All programs include meetings with people who reside in the countries we visit and engagement with contemporary issues.